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Flexx E Light is a dynamic multi-functional LED light bulb with seven built-in modes.

Flexx E Light


Two-pack of LED multi-functional emergency lightbulbs.

Price: $49.95



Model: E-MF-8W

Charge power: 8W Max

Input voltage: AC120V 60Hz 0.12A

Lighting power: 5W

CCT: 6000-6500K

Lumen: 380-460 lm

CRI: >80

Material: fire, water and shock resistant materials


Prepare yourself for emergency situations

In a power outage, a little light can make a big difference. Low-light areas, such as stairwells, restrooms and locker-rooms, especially in older buildings, can become hazardous when power is lost. This is when Flexx E Light saves lives. Place Flexx E Light in low-light areas of your home or office, or use it as a flashlight when navigating in a power outage.


Emergency light

As a safety light, Flexx E Light will charge within the socket, allowing it to then illuminate automatically in the event of a power outage and provide you light for up to five hours. The Flexx E Light not only functions as an emergency light, but also as a warning light, alarm and built-in SOS signal.


Light for your home

This unique emergency light is an energy saving, water resistant lightbulb that can be used both indoors and outdoors in any standard AC120V socket. It can function also as a dusk-to-dawn light outdoors.


Light on-the-go

Flexx E Light may be used as a flashlight for camping, reading, or as an extra emergency light in your car or boat. It works especially well as an emergency car light, as you can charge the light using the mini USB cord and the outlet in your console. Every order includes a convenient lanyard to keep it close by no matter where life takes you.




The advantages of the Flexx E Light emergency light

Rechargeable lightbulb. The Flexx E Light recharges automatically while the light is on under normal power conditions. Then, when the power goes out, a fully charged Flexx E Light will come on for five hours.

Mini USB cord (not included)

Flexx E Light can also be charged with a mini USB cord.

45,000 hours life span. The life of one Flexx E Light emergency light is equivalent to eight hours a day for 15 years.

Plus, each bulb features a 2-year warranty! This product is such a great investment, you’ll want to purchase one for each room in your home.

Lithium ion batteries. Our emergency lightbulb is the only UL approved lightbulb with Lithium Ion batteries on the market.

LED lightbulbs can save up to 90% on your electric bill versus a CFL lightbulb. Even with one Flexx E Light in each of the rooms in your house, you are saving 90% electricity on each bulb replacement, saving you money on your electric bill, as well as saving you and your family in a power outage.

No additional fixture required. Many emergency lightbulbs require a photocell to function properly. With our lightbulbs, there is no extraneous purchase required. The Flexx E Light screws directly into a standard 120Vac, 60Hz (60-watt equivalent) input socket.

UL approved. The Flexx E Light is approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratory electric industry regulation.


7 different modes

  1. Standard LED light
  2. Charge mode
  3. Dusk to dawn
    Flexx E Light’s photocell will recognize the light of the sun, turning on at night and turning off in the morning.
  4. Power outage
    If the power goes out, the bulb comes on automatically. It can also be set to begin a cycle of blinking and buzzing, alerting you to power outages in the middle of the night.
  5. Flashlight
  6. Blinking emergency light
  7. Blinking SOS with beep


Solar power adaptable

The mini USB cord adapter is compatible with many solar panel chargers, enabling you to be ready and stay ready, even when electrical outlets are unavailable.

Flexx E Light is perfect for green homes and for homes with small children or live-in grandparents who might fall in the dark. Purchase your Flexx E Light as a gift for your loved one today.