Get ready, be ready, stay ready!


About Us

Flexx E Light is an emergency light company based in Salem, Oregon.

A family-owned business

Flexx E Light is owned by EDI Global LLC and distributed by Frank Sales, both family-owned businesses run by brothers Merle and Cal Frank. Our mission is to supply our community with product that prepares you for emergency and disaster situations. We provide individuals, institutions, private companies, military, government, and non-profit organizations with the tools they need to mitigate, respond, and recover from major events. With the right tools an individual can help protect themselves, their family and their community.

The story behind Flexx E Light

Flexx E Light emergency lights were created to save lives.

Merle Frank, developer of Flexx E Light.

Merle Frank, the developer of Flexx E Light, has had a fascination with firefighting from a young age. He worked for the Marion County Fire District in Salem, Oregon, and at the age of 29, became the youngest fire chief in the United States, for Brookings, Oregon. As chief, his role included the position of assistant director for Curry County Emergency Management. He later moved to Puyallup, Washington, where he served as fire chief and emergency management director for 27 years.

It was during his many years in the fire service that Merle saw first-hand the potentially horrific results of fires caused by lighting candles during power outages. This experience inspired him to seek out a better way to provide light without power.

Merle performed extensive research in comparison of emergency lightbulbs before modeling and manufacturing the Flexx E Light with an electrical engineering partner and part-owner of EDI Global LLC.

Although Merle is now retired from the fire service, he remains active in emergency management, preparing people to be assets, instead of liabilities, in emergency situations. Merle continues to work tirelessly to increase awareness of emergency preparation and to provide products and services to minimize the dangers and risks during an emergency event.

Merle’s brother, Cal Frank, and Cal’s wife, Brenda, have created Frank Sales to help distribute the Flexx E Light emergency lightbulbs so that communities may practice emergency preparedness and disaster prevention in Oregon and beyond.

When it comes to safety, Flexx E Light helps you get ready, be ready and stay ready.